Safeline Shooting - Student Requirements - Beaver Dam, KY
Safeline Shooting - Your Safety is Our Focus
Important Information.  Read Very Carefully.

Students must be of sound mind and body.  They must be physically and mentally capable of safely handling a firearm and following simple instructions.  Courses involve both class room and range instruction and require students to be able to sit and stand for several hours.  Students must have an open mind and must be eager to learn.  

Students must be able to speak and understand the English language.  All course instructions are provided in English. 

Students must be legal residents of the USA.  Students must be at least 12 years of age, unless prior approval on a case by case basis.  Students wishing to take the KY CCDW course must be a legal resident of the state of Ky for at least 6 months and must be at least 21 years of age.  

Students must be legally able to own a firearm in the state of KY, or must be accompanied by an adult who is legally able to own a firearm in the state of Kentucky.

Students must arrive at the class on time, with appropriate clothing, and an unloaded firearm.  No exceptions. No live ammunition in the classroom.  No loaded magazines in the class room.  No loaded weapons in the classroom.  Students may only load their firearm while on the firing line.  Magazines may be loaded only at the firing range.  Holstered weapons must stay in their holster until on the firing line.  Weapons may only leave the firing line in a holster, range bag, or with the cylinder or slide open to sufficiently show the firearm empty.  Students must obey all range commands. 

Students must bring to class:
-Writing instrument for test taking and note taking.
-Note pad.  
-Eye Protection
-Hearing Protection
-A well maintained, functional firearm with a trigger guard.  No antiques.  No single shot or Derringer type pistols.  Instructor reserves the right to  decline any firearm from any course if the firearm is thought to be unsafe. 
-Adequate amount of factory new ammunition appropriate for the firearm brought to the course.  150 rounds for the NRA Basic Pistol course, 40 rounds for the KY CCDW course, and 200 Rounds for the Advanced Defensive course.
-Students taking the Advanced Defensive Handgun course, at least 3 total high capacity magazines or at least four single stack magazines are recommended.  A well fitting, easily accessible belt type holster suitable for rapid drawing is also required.  A belt mount magazine holster or pouch(es) is also recommended.  No western style holsters please.  Also, students taking the Advanced Defensive Handgun course may not use a pocket pistol and are highly recommended to use a handgun of a sufficient caliber for defense.  We recommend at least a 9mm or larger. 

Lunch may be obtained at any of the numerous area restaurants during the noon break.  

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