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Course Descriptions
NRA Basic Pistol Course.  This 8 hour course is great for the beginner and those that need a refresher in the basics of handgun usage.  Topics covered include understanding the basic working of a firearm and proper firearm nomenclature, the 3 NRA rules of safety, handling techniques, grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, firearm selection, and safe gun storage.  Students will have the opportunity to handle and shoot several modern firearms in several common calibers.  Calibers represented will include .22, .380, 9mm, 38 Special, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.  Students may be limited to certain smaller calibers depending on their age and abilities.  Students will fire approximately 150 rounds of ammunition during this course.  By the end of the course the student should be able to safely load, fire, unload, and clean most common semi-automatic handguns and revolvers.  Students successfully completing the course will receive an NRA course completion certificate. The cost of this course is $100.00.  Advanced $10.00 deposit required at least 2 weeks prior to desired course date.  Remaining $90.00 due at the beginning of the course. A 50% discount on the cost of this course is offered to anyone that has taken our Ky CCDW course within the prior year.
This course is suitable for: Any skill level.  New beginners who've never shot a firearm before.  Those familiar with firearms but maybe are new to handguns.  Those familiar with handguns who want a good lesson on the basics of marksmanship.  Those who have completed a CCDW course and realize the need for increased handling skills before undertaking actual concealed carry. Basically, anyone wanting a good education in proper and safe handgun usage.
Upcoming course dates: TBA/See Home Page
KY CCDW Course.  This 8 hour course is required for Kentucky residents that want to legally carry a concealed deadly weapon, particularly a firearm.  In order to pass the course, students must pass a written exam on material covered in the course.  Students must also successfully qualify on the firing range in accordance with current state guidelines.  Students will fire a minimum of 20 rounds of ammunition during the course.  Students must also demonstrate knowledge of basic firearm field stripping and cleaning techniques.  Upon successful completion of all course requirements, all of the appropriate information will be submitted to the Ky Dept. of Criminal Justice.  Students will then later receive an official certificate of course completion from the DOCJ with instructions for completing the license application process at the sheriff's office in the county where the applicant lives.  There are an additional $60.00 of costs necessary for the application to be paid at the sheriff's office.  The cost of our course, as with all KY CCDW courses is $75.00.  Advanced $10.00 deposit required at least 2 weeks prior to the desired course date.  Remaining $65.00 due at the beginning of the course.
This course is suitable for:  Any skill level.  Those that wish to hold a KY CCDW license.  Kentucky resident for 6 months, and at least 21 years of age.  
Upcoming course dates:  TBA/See Home Page
Advanced Defensive Handgun Course. This 8 hour course is designed for the skilled and safe shooter that wants to begin exploring the world of defensive handgun shooting.  Topics covered will include the combat mindset, weapon presentation and drawing from concealment, goals of defensive shooting, multi-shot groups, multiple adversaries, after action drills, emergency and tactical reloads, malfunction drills, and failure to stop scenarios, in addition to a review of the basics.  Students will shoot approximately 200 rounds during this course.  The cost of this course is $100.00.  Advanced $10.00 deposit is required at least 2 weeks prior to the desired course.  The remaining $90.00 due at the beginning of the course.
This course is suitable for:  Moderately experienced handgun users.  Not a beginners course.  Instructor approval required.  Those who want to elevate their skills to new levels.
Upcoming course dates:   TBA/See Home Page.  

Willing to schedule special classes on Saturdays, 8am;  Sunday's 8am  Minimum of 2 students required.  Maximum of 8 students.  Email us now, lets pick a date and get to some serious shooting.
One-on-One Training. We also offer this specialized service to anyone seriously interested.  This is scheduled on an individual basis, and our times are flexible.  Prices began at $50.00 per half day.  Any skill level is acceptable. 
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